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Do you know what true wonder is? It means being filled with admiration for something beautiful, remarkable, and unfamiliar… Do you want to feel something so powerful and amazing? You’ve found the Caribbean Wonder you’ve always dreamed of. I am the beautiful, curvaceous, witty woman you’ve always wanted at your side. My conversation is unmatched and my sense of adventure will take you on journeys you never even thought were possible. As a woman in my early thirties, I am both young enough to keep you guessing, old enough to understand discretion. I am the luxury escort with feminine charm that you’ll never forget about. I promise that it will be my long legs that you dream about, my curves you’re addicted to, and my elegant style that keeps you wanting more. Aside from my grace, my beauty, I am billowing with the clever, satisfying conversation you’ve never been able to find with anyone else—and all in fluent English. Together, we’ll feel that incredible spark of chemistry and create a time that neither one of us will ever forget. A mature gentlemen, cut of the same sophisticated cloth, never misses my attention. Perhaps it is that I see you for the intelligent, successful, insightful man that you are and am excited to get to know you. My laugh is said to be infectious and if you can bring it out in me, there is never any doubt that we’re going to have fun. I yearn to hear your stories, your experiences, your knowledge, and you will find it flows so easily when speaking with my interest and open attitude. If you’ve never had the chance, I assure you, there’s nothing like the perfect combination of beauty and intelligence to keep you warm at night. What makes their heads turn and conversation stop when I appear? I continue to try to solve this enigma, but there can be no denying I have a special effect on men. Then again, it could also be my tight leggings accenting my thick thighs and big bottom which make men stop and stare—I can promise you’ll hate to see me go, but you will just love to watch me walk away… Are you ready to start this amazing new adventure with me? Are you ready to fall into the Caribbean fantasy you’ve always dreamed of ? Book a little getaway with me and see that you don’t always need sun, surf, and sand to have an unforgettable piece of the islands… Strawberry daiquiris at the lounge? Or a romantic dinner for two? No matter where our adventures leads us, you’ll get a taste of something sweeter than any tropical fruit you’ll find.

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